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Screwdriver Makita® DP2011
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  • Screwdriver Makita® DP2011
  • Screwdriver Makita® DP2011
  • Screwdriver Makita® DP2011
  • Screwdriver Makita® DP2011
  • Screwdriver Makita® DP2011
Screwdriver Makita® DP2011

Screwdriver Makita® DP2011

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This drill is ideal for semi-professional use, robust and essential, it allows you to drill and screw holes precisely and with great ease. Comes with quality keyless chuck, and depth rod. Powered by a 370W motor and has variable speed.

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Trapano Makita DP2011

The drill Makita DP2011 is an essential drill and is aimed at sodium, it is mainly indicated for drilling, in fact it allows to drill without problems, wood,metal, cement and concrete. Its new concept motor combined with double internal insulation, guarantee a long longevity and high stress resistance by this makita semi-professional tool

Its ergonomic design with wide switch and rubber coating allows it to be handled comfortably with one hand and be able to push in line with the tip, this allows to obtain a greater drilling capacity even if initially the drill should hold, in success. From the compact body is small, it is great to be transported and stowed without problems of bulk.

With a locking car spindle supplied as standard, it allows to change the tip or insert with the simple force of the hands, without the help of external equipment. Its main drive button provides a control wheel that allows you to select the maximum speed mechanically, preventing you from exceeding with speed and then the errors due by it. Basically this makita drill is also supplied with depth rod, which allows to pre-select input depth in the material and then perform the work with precision millimeter. The drill Makita DP2011 therefore lays down as an excellent work tool indicated both for professional use and hobbistic use, not too much space to frills or something that is not necessary during its use, but we are sure that it will remain at your side for a long time and will be able to face even the most artwo challenges. This model replaces the model Makita DP2010


  • Spindle capacity 6.5 mm
  • Electronic switch
  • Self-saving spindle
  • Reversible
  • Permanent insertion key for continuous use
  • Double insulation
  • Durable mechanical construction with double side bearing spindle
  • Vario switch for optimum drilling speed without slip

Data sheet

Livello prodotto
Mandrino autoserrante
Adatto per:
Tempo libero
43 mm
0,8 - 6,5 mm
Diametro massimo foro
Ø 6 (Metallo)
Ø 15 (Legno)
Velocità regolabile
Si - Manualmente
Si - Meccanicamente
Velocità a vuoto
0 - 4200 g/min
Tipo di motore
Potenza costante sotto sforzo
1,1 Kg
75 dB(A)
Potenza assorbita
370 W
3,1 m/s²
Tensione (Volt)
230 V 50/60 hz
Dimensioni ( Lar. X Pro. X Alt. )
222 x 63 x 141 mm
Lunghezza cavo
2,5 Metri

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