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Corner Screwdriver Drill Makita® DA3010FJ
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  • Corner Screwdriver Drill Makita® DA3010FJ
  • Corner Screwdriver Drill Makita® DA3010FJ
  • Corner Screwdriver Drill Makita® DA3010FJ
  • Corner Screwdriver Drill Makita® DA3010FJ
  • Corner Screwdriver Drill Makita® DA3010FJ
Corner Screwdriver Drill Makita® DA3010FJ

Corner Screwdriver Drill Makita® DA3010FJ

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Specially designed to be used when accessibility is compromised by limited space, this drill with a compact and thin head allows you to carry out drilling and screwing jobs without any problems. Equipped with variable speed and pre-selection of the same. An instrument suitable for multiple uses and with high construction quality.

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Corner Drill Makita DA3010

When working in cramped environments and with poor accessibility, working with a normal drill becomes difficult and tiring, for this reason this drill with an extremely thin angular shape allows to perform the work with the same comfort of always, without sacrificing the performance and quality of the work performed. Its rack-type spindle allows a solid clamping so as to avoid unscrewing of the insert or tip during its use, and ensures a long duration over time

With variable speed, thanks to the wheel placed on the main drive lever, it allows you to select the maximum speed that can be reached in order to avoid errors due to excessive or inadequate speeds compared to the working material. This angle drill is indicated to drill and screw in all those situations where a normal drill, with its traditional grip turns out to be uncomfortable or you can't impress such a force to perform the work. Designed and designed to last over time, thanks to the use of high quality materials and the totally metal head with a thickness of just 66mm in height, and if the working environment is equipped with low brightness, thanks to the presence of integrated lighting led it is possible to work smoothly without any problem. This model replaces Makita DA3010F


  • Head height of only 66mm, allows to work in places not accessible
  • Side grip positionable on both sides
  • LED lighting working area
  • Spindle rack
  • Speed selector applied on the switch
  • Reversibility
  • Robust construction with aluminium gearbox.

Data sheet

Livello prodotto
Mandrino con chiave
66 mm
1 - 10 mm
Diametro massimo foro
Ø 10 (Metallo)
Ø 25 (Legno)
Velocità a vuoto
0 - 2400 g/min
Velocità meccaniche
Velocità regolabile
Si - Manualmente
Si - Meccanicamente
Tipo di motore
Led illuminazione
1,6 Kg
80 dB(A)
Potenza assorbita
450 W
2,5 m/s²
Tensione (Volt)
230 V 50/60 hz
Dimensioni ( Lar. X Pro. X Alt. )
270 x 55 x 66 mm
Lunghezza cavo
2,5 Metri

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