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Ribbon sander Makita® 9403J
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  • Ribbon sander Makita® 9403J
  • Ribbon sander Makita® 9403J
  • Ribbon sander Makita® 9403J
  • Ribbon sander Makita® 9403J
  • Ribbon sander Makita® 9403J
Ribbon sander Makita® 9403J

Ribbon sander Makita® 9403J

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Ribbon sander Makita 9403J with the fixed speed of 500 m/min and 100 mm base size is a very fast and powerful sanding machine that allows you to perform machining on large areas quickly and accurately. With its constant fixed speed even under effort it turns out to be the fastest in its category.

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Ribbon sander Makita 9403J from 100 mm

The strip sanding machine Makita 9403J is compact with roller size 100 x 610 mm, it is equipped with a 1200W engine that guarantees a constant power even under stress.

Its fixed speed guarantees an always constant speed of 500 m/min, resulting in the fastest in its category, therefore suitable for jobs where a rapid execution of the finished product is required, great ability to sand in a single pass ideal for heavy use of sanding of larger surfaces for carpentry and carpentry.

This sanding machine is suitable for high-intensity sanding work. It has double insulation for extra protection from overloads and dust infiltrations, and with integrated suction system that allows to collect the dust generated during sanding for excellent cleaning of the working area and greater efficiency of general use or can be directly connected to an external suction system.

Equipped with comfortable handle in the front that ensures a weld grip and allows to have greater control during its use and comfortable grip in the back thanks to the large "D" shaped handle that ensures total control of the body of the Makita 9403J, the metal and aluminium tank sole, such as the base, guarantees excellent resistance over time and effective heat dissipation, thanks to its internal maze system further enhances protection from dust and atmospheric agents, this sander is suitable for overturned use with anchoring by means of work bench clamps.

Comes with bag for canvas powder, roller abrasive paper and makpac transport case

  • Compact
  • Powerful sanding machine, handy, robust and with broadband for intensive sanding
  • Constant speed under effort
  • Quick change of abrasive tape
  • High efficiency dust extraction with dust bag
  • Possibility of connection to the vacuum cleaner
  • Automatic Ribbon Harness
  • Tape lock lever
  • Possibility of overturned use with anchoring by means of workbench clamps
  • Metal Carter
  • Front handle
  • Use flat part and thread abrasive tape to smooth against edges
  • The fastest in its category: 500 m / min.

Data sheet

Livello prodotto
Adatto per:
610 mm
100 mm
Correzione della corsa del nastro
Velocità regolabile
Velocità a vuoto
500 m/min
Tipo di motore
5,7 Kg
85 dB(A)
Potenza assorbita
1200 W
2,5 m/s²
Tensione (Volt)
230 V 50/60 hz
Dimensioni ( Lar. X Pro. X Alt. )
350 x 140 x 200 mm
Lunghezza cavo
5 Metri

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