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Makita® SDS-PLUS DHR171RTJ keypad

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The Keypad Makita DHR171RTJ is a twelfth with extraordinary perforation capacity, combined with the handling and practicality of an electro-tool batteria.Questo makita tiler has two functions: rotation and rotation + percussion, and with SDS type attack.


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SDS keypad Makita DHR171RTJ

The Keypad Makita DHR171RTJ is a tiler with extraordinary perforation capabilities, combined with the handling and practicality of a battery-operated power tool. This makita tiler has two functions: rotation and rotation + percussion, has a type SDS attack that allows you to be equipped with all the tips with this type of attack. The Keypad Makita finds its optimal use in situations where there is a great ability to drill and portability. The Makita DHR171RTJ is equipped with LXT-Lion batteries that are the standard market masism. This tiler uses 18V to 5 Ah batteries.


  • Specially designed for drilling mounting holes.
  • Great for working above the head.
  • Equipped with a sliding clutch and a stop for drilling in wood and metal.
  • The advanced LXT Li-ion batteries represent the absolute / weight ratio.
  • Ergonomic and softening handle with a comfortable softgrip.
  • The eXtreme protection technology housing protects the device from dust and water penetration.
  • Integrated lighting LEDs for more comfortable work in unlighted places.
  • Delivered in a sturdy stackable ABS storage box with reinforcement ribs, with locking system to connect multiple cases.
  • Electronic overload protection, overheating and protection.
  • 2 Functions: rotation, rotation + percussion
  • The supplied charger provides a fully charged battery (5.0Ah) in just 45 minutes.

Data sheet

Livello prodotto
Tipo di batteria
18 Volt
Ah Batteria
5,0 Ah
Batterie fornite
2 Batterie
Diametro massimo foro
Ø 10 (Metallo)
Ø 13 (Legno)
Ø 17 (Cemento)
Ideale per diametro
Ø 10 (Cemento)
Rotazione & percussione
Potenza del colpo
1,2 Joule
Velocità a vuoto
0 - 700 g/min
Velocità regolabile
Si - Manualmente
Colpi al minuto
0 - 4800 c/min
Tipo di motore
Freno motore
Frizione di sicurezza
Led illuminazione
Potenza costante sotto sforzo
2,5 Kg
95 dB(A)
5 m/s²
Dimensioni ( Lar. X Pro. X Alt. )
273 x 86 x 211 mm

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