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Pulse screwdriver MakitaDTW300ZJ

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The DTW300ZJ makita pulse screwdriver, is a 330 Nm clamping torque, is suitable for both voltage and standard bolts, extremely compact and lightweight with a remarkable tightening power, has adjustable torque adjustment in 3 positions.


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Pulse screwdriver 1/2" Makita DTW300

Pulse screwdriver Makita battery powered, equipped with 330 Nm of power ideal for serial screwing applications, able to guarantee a constant power even under stress. Thanks to the powerful brushless motor it manages to develop a greater impact power, lower maintenance levels thanks to the absence of brushes and a longer battery life, also optimizing the heat management generated. In this version "ZJ" is provided without batteries and charger, but with makpac transport case

THERE' pulse screwdriver Makita DTW300 was born to cover the need for a tool with the excellent compromise between weight and power, compact and handy, able to guarantee a good tightening power. The DTW300 is the direct successor of the DTW285 but better the impact power, weight and capacity to the effort, adding electronic control through display, which allows you to configure the mode of operation of the screwdriver. Born to work with bolts and nuts from M10 to M16, equipped with 1/2" frame attachment" with friction ring and hole for locking pin.

This pulse screwdriver has 4 adjustable speeds and as many adjustments of the torque (70 - 160 - 210 - 330 Nm), it is therefore idele therefore for many fields of use even the addove is not necessary a high torque, all this without changing the torque but simply setting the function through the comfortable digital display at the base of the car.

Among other important functions of the DTW300 makita we find 3 locking modes of bolts: The first prevents excessive bolt tightening, great to apply bolts and then switch to their maximum tightening, the mode of automatic shutdown when the bolt is unscrewed or automatically lower speed of rotation once unscrew the bolt, and the normal mode that does not intervene in any way to the operation. Obviously the machine is equipped with adjustable switch that according to the pressure level placed on the general switch varies the number of turns of the engine, or the maximum speed mode, which independent from the pressure level on the switch the machine always turns to the maximum of the turns, useful for mounts in series avoiding the operator's affectionately excessive to prevent the switch thoroughly

This screwdriver is suitable for outdoor use, thanks to the eXtreme (XPT) protection technology that effectively protects against dust and moisture, also equipped with overload protection, overheating and locking system in case of low battery, under a minimum level, to prevent premature battery wear.

It has convenient lighting of the working area, in order to operate in every condition. The electronic adjustment takes place through a convenient and intuitive display type, located on the battery socket, which allows you to view and keep the working mode currently chosen under control.

This model replaces Makita DTW285

  • 4 adjustable speeds
  • 4 adjustable impact powers
  • Equipped with 1/2 frame attachment
  • Automatic shutdown mode during reverse
  • Max power of 330 Nm
  • EXtreme protection (XPT)

Data sheet

1/2" Quadro
Livello prodotto
Adatto per:
Batterie fornite
0 Batterie
Tipo di batteria
18 Volt
Diamentro bulloni
M10 - M16
4 Regolazioni di coppia
Modalità smontaggio
Rotazione & percussione
Velocità a vuoto
0 - 3200 g/min
Velocità meccaniche
Velocità regolabile
Si - Manualmente
Si - Meccanicamente
Colpi al minuto
0 - 1800 c/min
0 - 2600 c/min
0 - 3400 c/min
0 - 4000 c/min
Tipo di motore
70 Nm
160 Nm
210 Nm
330 Nm
Freno motore
Frizione di sicurezza
Led illuminazione
Potenza costante sotto sforzo
Protezione intemperie (XPT)
1,2 Kg
95 dB(A)
12,5 m/s²
Dimensioni ( Lar. X Pro. X Alt. )
144 x 81 x 24 6mm

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