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Circular saw Makita® 5104S 270 mm

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The circular saw Makita 5104S with 270 mm disc and 2100 Watt motor, it is an ideal circular saw for cuts of up to 100 mm 90° or up to 73 mm at 45°.

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Circular saw 270 mm Makita 5104S

The circular saw Makita 5104S with a disc size of 270 mm and powered by a motor with a power of 2100 Watt, is a circular saw ideal for cuttings up to 100 mm 90° or up to 73 mm at 45°. This makita circular saw is equipped with double internal insulation that protects from dust and prevents current overloads, with electric brake that ensures immediate stop when the main drive button is released, the Makita 5104S is equipped with SJS soft joint system that prevents the blade locking and lowers general vibrations.

It has adjustment for the cutting depth easy to operate thanks to the strategic position where it is located with easy-to-read graduated system and also has attack for aspirator directly in the back of the blade carter, which allows to collect the dusts and waste generated during the cutting phase, with slow start to gradually reach the maximum speed of 3800 g/min, avoiding the possible errors due to a high speed or deburring in the cut, with a separate knife.

The main handle is generous in size with ergonomic design for excellent overall comfort during use. It comes with 1 270mm MAKFORCE blade, parallel guide, suction adapter, tile key, provided without briefcase.

  • Cutting depth adjustment
  • Slow start
  • Engine brake
  • Rotella on the blade protection to decrease friction during cutting
  • Shaft block for easy replacement of the blade
  • Graduated scales with adjustable index for depth accuracy and cutting angle
  • SJS system with double twist spring captures the shocks between the blade and transmission.
  • The perfectly balanced gravity center makes the machine easy to carry.
  • Robust Gear Box
  • cover and die casting aluminum plate.
  • Easy toolless adjustments
  • Excellent weight/power ratio, high power

Data sheet

Livello prodotto
Professionale intensivo
Adatto per:
Ø 270
Capacità taglio Max (0°)
100 mm (Legno)
Profondità massima
100 mm
Taglio: 45° - 0° (Destra-Sinistra)
Velocità a vuoto
3000 g/min
Velocità regolabile
Tipo di motore
Anti riavvio
Anti vibrazione (AVT)
Avvio morbido-lento
Freno motore
Potenza costante sotto sforzo
9,2 Kg
95 dB(A)
Potenza assorbita
2100 W
2,5 m/s²
Tensione (Volt)
230 V 50/60 hz
Dimensioni ( Lar. X Pro. X Alt. )
405 x 315 x 323 mm
Lunghezza cavo
2,5 Metri

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